Shanghai Teji valve Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Teji valve Group Co., LTD., founded in 2004, is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, production, sales in one and engaged in water automation, building automation technology production enterprises, with more than 10 years of production of various water supply and drainage valves, universal valve manufacturing history.

Over the years, Our company has been adhering to the cultivation of talents and technological innovation.There are more than 360 employees in the company, among which engineering and technical personnel with college degree or above account for 30%. Our company has established a series of talent training programs with local vocational and technical colleges and universities to build a complete talent training system.

Our company takes the market as the guidance, urgent user's need, we inherit the science and technology innovation, the practical strives for the efficiency, the user satisfaction the enterprise spirit, expands the domestic and international market by the high quality product, the good prestige, the consummation service, the reasonable price.

Success comes from the watering of sweat, joy comes from the struggle of hard, hard to see the benefits, dedication will show the beauty.

Treat the market, we use the usual mentality; Treat the company, we carefully experience. In every detail, we try to show the best. A lot of small things, one person can do, others can also do, but the effect is different, is often some details of the effort, determine the quality of completion, so the company at the beginning of the details of the enterprise management. We are deeply rooted in the foundation of business, we keep pace with The Times, we improve ourselves, strong ourselves, keep pace with the market, and strive for more market advantages and opportunities. We explore the industry shortcut, based on innovation and development, create harmony, meet market challenges. The company sincerely hopes to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the new and old customers, and to create the brilliant Chinese valve industry hand in hand.

Facing the future, we are full of pride and confidence! Imagine the future, we are infinite regrets, confident.

Welcome to the company, join hands to build the great cause; Sincerely welcome people of insight to join us in the cause of development; Warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit, negotiate and cooperate with us.